New Beginnings & A New Home

I haven’t been as loyal as I should be to my 100 Day Blogging Challenge. Admittedly, I’ve completely ignored my blog and writing for more than a few days in a row – which has definitely shown me the value of why I should have a few blog posts in my back pocket in case I’m not able to write one day. But I digress.

In the past few weeks, a few things have been going on, including traveling to different parts of California for my job and searching for a new place to live.

As of April 26th, I will be living in a new part of San Francisco, exploring what can sometimes be argued as the Tendernob or the Tenderloin, depending on who you ask (see map #4). Called Lower Nob Hill on Google Maps, I will officially be able to settle down in one place for a year (at least) in this new part of town for space to call my own.

Tenderloin - Civic Center

A screenshot of San Francisco, near my new ‘hood.

It’s exciting and exhilarating – a top floor studio apartment which even has a dishwasher – a rare commodity as far as San Francisco apartments go. Looking forward to it – I may even post a few photos when I move in!

Who wants to come to my housewarming? 😉


Jen Burstedt

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