Regrets of the Dying: My Reflections

Deeper than my usual blog post and a slightly somber note to start out the week, I felt compelled to share and add a few reflections of my own.

Bronnie Ware, an Australian blogger, wrote an article about the top 5 regrets of the dying. It’s a summary of reflections and lessons learned by others, and it was so good, I’m sharing it on my blog.

Here’s where you can find the article.

Snowy trees

The core theme of the regrets, from my perspective: do we reflect enough about what true authenticity means in our lives? Are we honest with ourselves and others in all senses of the word?

Our own dissatisfaction and unhappiness are brought on by ourselves. In viewing this in the positive sense, Ware is basically saying the we need to:

  • Being honest to acknowledge who we are
  • Being honest to acknowledge what makes us happy
  • Being humble to know that the office – or our business, or work – will always be there if we need it, but shouldn’t take the place of relationships with others, and that our absence from these places won’t stop the world from spinning.

Wise words, Bronnie Ware.


Are you living a life that you think you’ll be happy with when it reaches its conclusion?


Jen Burstedt

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