If At First You Don’t Succeed… Run, Run Again.

Today, I woke up, put my running clothes on and reflected on my lessons learned yesterday from my failed attempt to run the long run I had planned on as part of my half marathon training.

I ate 3 pieces of toast with butter and drank half of a bottle of water. I answered a few emails as I waited around my apartment for an hour in order to let my food digest. I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes today which had held me back yesterday.

With this preparation, I left my apartment, with only a key to the front door and my iPhone on me.

As part of my warm-up, I started running up the first big hill on Guerrero Street, heading over to a corner near Dolores Park. I stopped as I reached the park, stretched for a bit, then officially started my run.

I ran, conservatively at first – an 11 minute 30 second pace, then picked it up as I got to Golden Gate Park. Running through the park, past the Conservatory of Flowers, roller skaters, Lindy hoppers and bison, I made it to the ocean – and back.

Final numbers? 10 minute 36 second pace for 10.65 miles. Success.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

A shot of Ocean Beach, taken from my run today.

Today was a good day for a run. I felt tired but victorious at the end. Although yesterday was definitely a miss, today I got back on the saddle again and had done what I had originally set out to do.


Jen Burstedt

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