Some Days, You Just Have To Race

Some days, you just have to race.

Here is a photo of me before the Across the Bay 12K, a great race which goes from Sausalito and across the Golden Gate Bridge, finishing in Aquatic Park in San Francisco.

Across the Bay 12K 2014

Minutes before the start of the Across the Bay 12K race in Sausalito.

Why do I support the idea of organized races instead of DIY runs?

  • I love feeling the excitement of running with others
  • It’s great to be held accountable for your time (with a device that accurately measures your time and posts it on a publicly displayed list)
  • Nice knowing that you can’t quit without a crowd of people watching you (and so… you don’t quit)
  • Encouraging to be cheered on as your run to the finish line (that doesn’t happen a lot when you run solo)

These are all great ways to step up your speed a notch. I know that this race allowed me to become a little bit faster in my short runs.

Race times

Race times for Across the Bay 12K! I’m on there, overall #469.

Anyone in the mood to join me for a run in San Francisco sometime? 



Jen Burstedt

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