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Blogging out of a cafe in San Francisco.

As you may have noticed, my frequency of blog posts have markedly increased. I am working on an 100 Day Challenge, to post on my blog for 100 days straight, which I started on March 3rd.

A few rules: (A) posting a blog during the waking hours which started on any given day still counts as that day (as you can see, there are 2 March 8th entries) and (B) a blog post can be drafted on a previous day, but must be finished or edited to be counted for a new day.

The biggest benefits I see of embarking on the challenge:

(1) Practice, practice, practice. How does anyone learn to master a skill? By practicing and putting in the time, as suggested in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers. Same goes for blogging and figuring out how to manage the WordPress CMS.
(2) Finding my voice. Writing well means have a personality and an opinion, and I intend to find my voice and define it even more strongly through the process of writing each day. There is a service called 750words which prompts you to write 750 words each morning, rewarding you for doing so, with the concept that this unlocks your thoughts and writing for the rest of the day.

(3) Being pushed to focus and develop a system or schedule to get my posts written. Because I haven’t challenged myself to write regularly for this blog, past efforts have been sporadic and I haven’t appropriately scheduled time. By setting the goal of writing a post a day, I’m going to get the opportunity to experiment, find what works best and experiment with different systems in getting my posts published each day.

So, off we go – 100 days, 100 entries! Enjoy, and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions to make what you’re reading even better.

Have you ever tried an 100 day (or 30 day or other time frame) challenge? What benefits did you reap from it?
Jen Burstedt

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